Spacemacs Org Mode Introduction

Update: 2018-08-10 Shortly after writing this post, I switched to Spacemacs develop branch - cd ~/.spacemacs && git checkout develop This upgraded my Spacemacs to version [email protected] This had the unexpected side effect of changing several of the key bindings below.


Trello fascinated me upon its release in 2011. I’ve written before about my time management (lack of) skills, and Trello appeared to be my solution - it offered a sleek view of all of my outstanding tasks.

Static Sites in 2016 - Updated

In a previous post I discussed the complicated process of configuring S3 to use Letsencrypt to obtain a TLS certificate. That post served as a reference for me to re-implement Letsencrypt every 90 days.

The Management Feedback Cycle

I planned a post covering the Manager Feedback Cycle, but this blog post at Effective Managers covers most of what I was going to communicate. One thing I would add to this resource, is that both managers and subordinates should strike a balance in communications frequency:

Static Sites in 2016

It’s early 2016, and there are a multitude of content management systems and blog platforms out there: Wikipedia’s List of Content Management Systems The security blog I contribute to, Penetrate.

Professional Organization Habits

This is a topic I’ve had a love/hate relationship with my entire life. I was once forced to go to a time management workshop on Saturdays in high school. My friend and I spent more time talking to the girls in front of us than actually listening to what the lecturer was saying, so I wonder if I missed out on something there… I still struggle with time management and focusing on one task at a time until completion.