Blacklight Privacy Tool

Today on my Mastodon feed, several folks were discussing a new tool by TheMarkup called Blacklight. This tool is billed as a “real-time website privacy inspector” that showcases the ad and tracking tech deployed by a website.

Using Local Fonts - Hugo Academic Theme

The fresh new look of this site is provided by the Academic Hugo Theme. Because I value your privacy just as I value my own, I needed to modify this theme to not make use of Google Web Fonts because use of this service enables Google to further track users.

Fingerprinting Privacy: Brave vs Firefox

Brave and Firefox bill themselves as privacy champions. How do they fare at fingerprinting protection?

No more Google Analytics

No more contributing to the Evil Empire

Hands on with Brave Browser

Brave, the new Firefox? I’ve been using the Brave browser as my full-time web browser for two weeks now, primarily version 0.21.18. It’s easy to tell the software is not yet at version 1.

Apple VS FBI

Apple gets a lot of flak in the InfoSec community, even though it’s an open secret that much of the InfoSec community has begun to use Apple products. I myself have been using a Mac laptop for the past ten years because they produced the first laptop I thought was worth spending money on.