Acknowledgment of the book

I just finished reading [Jordan Peterson’s “12 Rules for Life:An Antidote to Chaos”]( “Jordan Peterson: “12 Rules for Life:An Antidote to Chaos””) and I can not say enough good things about this book. As the subtitle implies, this book deals with helping the reader create order out of the chaos of life. There are brilliant ideas Peterson puts forth which I already knew, but couldn’t articulate, and the effectiveness of Peterson’s words shocked me. They summarily captured these complex thoughts and almost tamed them so that the reader might understand them.

Without foreknowledge, I thought this book was going to be short. I mean, how many pages could it take to describe 12 rules? For Peterson, it takes roughly 400 pages to do so.

Standout themes

Knowing the truth, being honest with oneself about the truth, and speaking the truth to others

chaos = growth opportunity, but how to actually achieve growth instead of just spinning plates?

Reflection = intellectualize what is cause and effect Meditative stance - be in the now