Moving From Macos to Linux

I've adopted Linux on the desktop. Here's how I adapted my macOS workflow...

Compiling Emacs 27 on macOS

The easy way to compile Emacs 27 on macOS using Homebrew

Manage o365 mail with emacs, mbsync, and mu4e

Access Office 365 email from (Doom) Emacs with mbsync and mu4e!

More Notes on Compiling Emacs for macOS

Compiling emacs on macOS using Homebrew

Notes on Compiling Emacs for macOS

My notes on compiling emacs for macOS

Lisp on MacOS

Towards a working LISP environment on macOS

MacOS open source apps

I found this MacOS Open Source apps list on HackerNews the other day and I want to save it for later.

OSX Terminal - List Processes

An exploration of the ps command