I’ve got an obsession with Emacs. My favorite spin on Emacs is the excellent Doom Emacs, which recently updated guidance on the recommended Emacs version from 26.3 to 27. I recently updated from 26.3 to 27 and found the process to be extremely painless. Here’s how:

This post builds on the steps I take in my last notes on Emacs compilation on macOS.

First, remove the existing Emacs installation:

brew remove emacs-head

Next, ensure that the d12frosted/emacs-plus tap is available:

brew tap d12frosted/emacs-plus

Now, review the options you want to pass to the package from this list and pass them to the package installer:

brew install emacs-plus --HEAD --with-emacs-27-branch --with-cocoa --with-imagemagick@7 --with-jansson --with-no-frame-refocus --with-mailutils --with-dbus --with-emacs-icons-project-EmacsIcon4 --with-xwidgets

Homebrew will do all the work of pulling together the source and patches needed to apply your selected options and after some minutes will spit out an application. This can optionally be moved to /Applications or /Users/$(whoami)/Applications if you want Spotlight or Alfred to easily pick it up:

cp -r /usr/local/opt/emacs-plus/Emacs.app /Applications

Everything is almost ready! The last step is to sync Doom’s configuration with

doom sync

Once this is finished, you’re up and running with Emacs 27 and your existing Doom configuration!

This screen greets me every day