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Privacy Policy

TL;DR - I respect your privacy

I strive for this site to respect your privacy to the fullest extent possible.

More Info

I do not make any money from this website. I do not have any reason to track any users of this website. I used to (see below) participate in Google Analytics to understand how many users this site received but have since abandoned that.

The notes below outline the extent of the cookies used on this site.

The only cookies this site should set relate to Security (DDoS prevention via CloudFlare) and Appearance (FontAwesome resource linkage). If you notice this isn’t the case, please contact me and let me know!
2020-04-16 Update See Site Update: CloudFlare This site’s theme loads a syntax highlighting javascript library, highlight.js, from cloudflare’s CDN.

I strive for this site to respect your privacy to the fullest extent possible. My only reservation about CloudFlare is that it sets the _cfduid cookie in your browser. This cookie helps CloudFlare detect malicious visitors to this website and *does not allow cross-site tracking of visitors, does not follow users from site to site by merging various _cfduid identifiers into a profile, nor does it correspond to any user ID on this website

This cookie is solely used to prevent DDoS attacks against this website. For more information on CloudFlare’s cookies, see “Understanding the Cloudflare Cookies”
2020-01-22 Update: I have removed Google Analytics from this site. This was a long time coming. I’m sorry that I contributed to their data hoovering, even if it was for a small number of users.

If you find this site useful, I’d really appreciate a message on Mastodon! If you’re feeling extra generous, I’m a Brave Verified Creator and users of the excellent Brave Browser can send a small tip via the URL bar. The theme this site uses calls out to to provide glyphs. I do not know what tracking this site performs, so configure uMatrix or uBlock Origin to block requests to this domain. The usability of this site shouldn’t significantly impacted.